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Drone License Online Ground School, Transport Canada Compliant

We Provide Drone Training, Career Guidance, and Job Opportunities

Earn your RPAS license in as little as 2 weeks and start a career as a drone operator in one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Basic RPAS for recreational pilots takes only 4 hours.

Advanced RPAS for career based pilots or pilots wishing to fly in a controlled airspace.

Drone Students

An RPAS license is required in Canada to fly any drone that weighs over 250 grams.

Most course material is FREE and has been acquired via licensing agreements with the top Transport Canada compliant drone schools.

Basic and Advanced RPAS ground school accompanied by pre-exam question banks, with our premium version.

Simple step by step career guidance.

Drone Operators

Download document templates including manuals and legal documents.

Job opportunities and networking.

Work part time as a LinxUAV flight reviewer and make some extra coin.

Keeping Canadian Airspace Safe!

As airline pilots and drone intructors our team discovered a gap in the education/training that new drone students are paying for and the actual education needed to safely operate a drone in the aviation industry.

Our solution?

Give the basic education, documents, and advice away for FREE! Substantially increasing the overall safety and level of general knowledge in the industry. With LinxUAV you will only receive training, document templates, and career path advice that has been verified by our team of Airline pilots.


Try our Premium Membership for career orientated drone students/pilots, or just student simply wanting fast track your training with interactive video learning.